Home, Sweet, (Insured and Protected) Home.

Being “home” gives us an extraordinary feeling of quality of life and well-being. It gives us a sense of security. We lavish our time in our homes, and in return, they give us comfort, pleasure and sanctuary. Thomas Bradley Insurance understands your home is one of your most important investments, both financially and emotionally.
Should anything disastrous happen to your home, you would want an insurance policy broad enough to help repair, replace, or rebuild it as it was before. Your home is unique to you. Your insurance policies should be as well. Look beyond the premium alone and make sure you are properly protecting what is likely your single greatest investment.
Thomas Bradley Insurance will help you understand which homeowners policy is the most suitable to protect your home and your personal property and possessions and tailor the policy to meet your individual needs.

Available coverage can include:

Your Home
Perhaps your single greatest investment. The right policy will pay the cost to replace or repair your dwelling due to a covered loss. Some of providers we work with offer guaranteed replacement costs. Ask us how this can work for you!
Your Personal Property and Possessions
Insure your personal property - clothing, furniture, jewelry, sports equipment, pictures, artwork and many other items, both on and away from your premises.
Other Structures
Insure additional property structures on your dwelling, such as barns, garages, sheds, pools, etc.
Additional Living Expenses
If your home is damaged in a covered disaster, your policy can provide living expenses that are reasonable and necessary to maintain your normal standing of living while your home is being repaired, such as hotel bills, restaurant meals and other living expenses.
Personal Liability
You could be held legally liable for accidental injuries to you or others on your premises, including bodily injury and property damage to others caused by pets. The right policy will provide coverage for defense and judgment.
Earthquake & Flood
In certain regions, it is prudent to include a policy should a natural disaster, such as earthquake or flood, cause damage to your home.

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