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Having the right life insurance is pivotal in planning for the future of you and your loved ones. In the event of your death, life insurance offers security for your spouse and children so they can maintain the standard of living they are accustomed to. The right policy will pay off your mortgage, any uninsured medical bills and other outstanding debts and burial expenses.
Thomas Bradley Insurance will work with you to create the right life insurance plan to work into your overall financial plan including your retirement, college planning and more. Some forms of life insurance can even be used as a means of saving money over the long term.
We will help you to understand your family’s financial needs, and how to achieve them. Life insurance will prove to be a valuable long-term investment strategy that will benefit both you and your loved ones.

There are a variety of life insurance policies.
The kind of policy you choose depends on your needs:

Term Life Insurance
With a term policy, you get "pure" life insurance coverage. Term insurance provides a death benefit for only a specific period of time. If you die during the coverage period, your beneficiary receives the face amount of the policy. Term insurance is available for periods ranging from 1 year to 30 years or more. Most term insurance also has a conversion feature that allows you to switch your coverage to some type of permanent insurance without answering health questions.
Whole Life Insurance
Whole life insurance is a type of permanent insurance or cash value insurance. Unlike term insurance, which provides coverage for a particular period of time, permanent insurance provides coverage for your entire life. As you make payments, the cash value account grows tax deferred.
Universal Life Insurance
Universal life is a permanent insurance policy that combines term insurance with a money market-type investment that pays a market rate of return.
Variable Life Insurance
Variable life and variable universal life are permanent policies with an investment fund tied to a stock or bond mutual-fund investment


Policies are not created equal.

There are three main reasons you need to have auto insurance if you own a car, truck or motorcycle:
1. It’s required by law to operate your vehicle.
2. It can save you from financial ruin if you are found liable for physical damage and/or bodily injury sustained to you or others in an accident.
3. It protects your investment, paying for auto repairs and/or vehicle worth reimbursement from a collision or accident.
Thomas Bradley Insurance is here to help find the right level of auto insurance coverage. We offer a simple and convenient online quote, but then we take it a step further. We offer a simple and convenient quote process, but then we take it a step further. Our goal is to help you find the most competitive price that makes the most sense for your vehicle(s) and the other drivers in your household. When you buy auto insurance, you’re not just protecting your vehicle, you are providing financial and personal security for your family.

Available coverage can include:

Auto Liability
Covers damage for bodily injury or property damage due to an accident.
Auto Medical Payments
Provides protection for you and your passengers for injuries received in an accident, regardless of who is at fault.
Protects your vehicle from damages other than collision, such as storms, vandalism, natural disasters, falling objects, animal, roll over, striking an object and more.
Covers damage to your car in the event of an accident.
Towing and Labor
Reimbursement of vehicle towing costs.
Rental Reimbursement
Compensation for the cost of renting an auto while the damaged auto is being repaired.
Full Vehicle Replacement
Original Manufactured Parts
Ask us how this can work for you!

Home, Sweet, (Insured and Protected) Home.

Being “home” gives us an extraordinary feeling of quality of life and well-being. It gives us a sense of security. We lavish our time in our homes, and in return, they give us comfort, pleasure and sanctuary. Thomas Bradley Insurance understands your home is one of your most important investments, both financially and emotionally.
Should anything disastrous happen to your home, you would want an insurance policy broad enough to help repair, replace, or rebuild it as it was before. Your home is unique to you. Your insurance policies should be as well. Look beyond the premium alone and make sure you are properly protecting what is likely your single greatest investment.
Thomas Bradley Insurance will help you understand which homeowners policy is the most suitable to protect your home and your personal property and possessions and tailor the policy to meet your individual needs.

Available coverage can include:

Your Home
Perhaps your single greatest investment. The right policy will pay the cost to replace or repair your dwelling due to a covered loss. Some of providers we work with offer guaranteed replacement costs. Ask us how this can work for you!
Your Personal Property and Possessions
Insure your personal property - clothing, furniture, jewelry, sports equipment, pictures, artwork and many other items, both on and away from your premises.
Other Structures
Insure additional property structures on your dwelling, such as barns, garages, sheds, pools, etc.
Additional Living Expenses
If your home is damaged in a covered disaster, your policy can provide living expenses that are reasonable and necessary to maintain your normal standing of living while your home is being repaired, such as hotel bills, restaurant meals and other living expenses.
Personal Liability
You could be held legally liable for accidental injuries to you or others on your premises, including bodily injury and property damage to others caused by pets. The right policy will provide coverage for defense and judgment.
Earthquake & Flood
In certain regions, it is prudent to include a policy should a natural disaster, such as earthquake or flood, cause damage to your home.


Every apartment dweller should have renters insurance. Bottom line.

Being a renter often means having fewer things to worry about. Got a plumbing issue? Call the landlord to fix it. The furnace in your rented house stopped working? Call the owners and have them replace it. But what if your apartment gets burglarized? Or a burning candle gets knocked over? Some renters think that everything they have inside their apartments is insured under the landlord’s policy, but that only covers the building itself.
And while many renters focus on the relative value of their own possessions when choosing renters insurance, it’s important to also consider the risk to another person’s property. That same candle could affect hundreds of people in an apartment complex. The potential exposure to lawsuits could be staggering.
Renters insurance is often one of the most under-utilized insurance products on the market because it’s not mandatory by the state, as auto insurance is, or by mortgage lenders, as homeowners insurance often is. This is your best protection for property damage, theft and loss, as well as coverage for temporary housing and various types of lawsuits and claims made against you. At Thomas Bradley Insurance, we believe it’s essential to your personal security.

Available coverage can include:

Personal Property
Covers the cost of your personal belongings in case of an unfortunate event such as fire, smoke, lightning, theft, vandalism, explosion, windstorm, water, and other disasters is important. Possessions can include furniture, clothing, electronics, appliances, kitchen utensils and bed linens. Replacement cost basis.
Liability Coverage
Protects you against lawsuits for property damage or bodily injury caused by you, your family or pets, as well as no-fault medical coverage in case a visitor is injured in your home.
Additional Living Expenses
If your apartment or rental unit becomes uninhabitable due to a covered hazard, your renters insurance covers hotel bills, restaurant meals and other cost of living expenses.


Why you need a personal umbrella…

A Personal Umbrella Liability policy provides protection for large liability claims rising out of your auto, home, or personal activities. It adds further protection to you in the event your underlying liability limits are exhausted by an injury claim made against you. Being involved in a large liability lawsuit happens more frequently than you might think. Not only are judgements often high but the cost of defending yourself can be astronomical.  If someone gets hurt on your property when you are not home, you could be held liable. If your vehicle slides across the center line severely injuring or killing the occupants of an on-coming vehicle, you could be held liable.
Further, you could be facing a claim such as medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. This amount could considerably exceed primary policy limits. Umbrella coverage gives you the additional coverage you need to make sure that you and your family are not held personally liable. Importantly, umbrella coverage can also contain additional Uninsured or Underinsured (UM/UIM) motorist coverages. Because UM and UIM coverages are literally the most important coverages to own for you and your family’s protection, you simply cannot have enough of it. And while umbrella coverage brings you and your family a good deal more in the way of protection, in can be surprisingly inexpensive.


Because it means the world to you…

Thomas Bradley Insurance understands that our clients have unique interests. You personally may own a classic vehicle, a piece of fine art, meaningful baseball collection, or perhaps you have invested in hobbies and business ventures that are very meaningful to you. Specialty insurance insures items and ventures that your typical property, casualty, homeowners or business policies will not. We have a niche expertise in serving the specialty insurance sector, and our team would be happy to advise you on a variety of specialized insurance policies. If tragedy does occur, you can rest assure that even if your vintage coin collection or exotic watercraft cannot be replaced, the financial value can be.

Specialty items you may want to consider insuring include such things as:

Recreational Vehicles
Collectible and Exotic Vehicles
Fine Art
Historic Documents
Coin Collections
Rare Books
Fine Jewelry
And much more

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